Everyone should #follow a digital Cat He

Everyone should #follow a digital Cat Herder like @stephencaggiano


panoramic photo shoot – Star Trek Holodec

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONWith the TourWrist iOS app, you can shoot and share your 360º panoramic photos – totally free! Plus, with the TourWrist iOS app, you’ll feel like you teleported in. You can make better educated decisions by going there before you go there! Find out why WIRED (2/13/12) says TourWrist is among the apps that Apple should use to demo its iPad 3 at the grand unveiling!



This is me and my mini rant about Google wanting me to give up my ‘technospunky’ name

says I don’t meet their name policies. *sigh.  So much for freedom on the internet.

Dear Google

Dear Google….

If I am my online identity (which is not, yet is my business) then why cannot I keep my name. I don’t mind telling Google my real full name – but it is counter productive to everything else I do If have to insert part of my real name with my nick name – I do this on facebook and so far it was the only place I had to make a concession. Now it seems Google is trying to make me do it as well. I am Technospunky. That is not my business but it is my online social identity tied to all my businesses (and there are many). When I promote something, or someone I do it as Technospunky. You can google technospunky and find me (no fighting for seo) so I market my online identity. I launched the technospunky solar system (me as the center of the universe YAY..haha.. and all my clients and their online identities) I started this back in Sept. of 2011 – it has been slow going but gratifying *because i get to keep my fulltime job as well (I am certain there are many many entrepreneurs who understand that). No funding but my own limited state employee pocketbook and alot of time spent investing in the ideas of Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Chris Pirillo and others. The internet is a fabulous place to read, discover, share and meet so many different people. Okay, I am done ranting and thank you. I hope Google lets me keep my “name’.  ~Technospunky

OOAmerica Road Video – Washington D.C. Politics

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This is the Road Video from Washington D.C. and area: featuring “What’s your philosophy of life?” interviews and shots of some of the historical monuments.ents (optional)

Empire Avenue Revamps Interface, Adds Google+ Scoring | TechCrunch

Empire Avenue Revamps Interface, Adds Google+ Scoring | TechCrunch.

Empire Avenue, while a great service, has been a bit confusing. In fact, the idea itself can kind of boggle the mind — users build up their personal brands via Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, and allow people to buy and sell virtual shares of human beings. ….. Click on Link to read full article