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Recap: @GuyKawasaki gushes about Google + on @BruceSallan’s #dadchat

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“The way to gain traction on Google+ is to search for the keywords that describe your passions and then interact with those folks.” That’s what Guy Kawasaki is saying. Why is he s…

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TechCrunch | The Internet Never Forgets: Politwoops Saves The Tweets Your Politicians Tried To Delete

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Once something is on the Internet, it’s typically pretty hard to delete it. Unless somebody retweets a posting to Twitter, though, a deleted tweet it is pretty much gone forever.

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TechCrunch | Flipboard Officially Opens Up Their Android Beta To Interested Testers

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Well, that was quick. The news of an impending Flipboard Android beta only began making the rounds earlier this morning, and now the Flipboard team has opened up the beta process to anyone interested in taking the plunge.

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TechCrunch | MiniDates Schedules Real-Life (Legitimately) Blind Dates For You

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Traditionally, dating sites like eHarmony and OkCupid follow the same format. You input your info, browse through all the thumbnails accompanied by A/S/L, and send out a barrage of flirty messages. Then you wait.

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